Terms and Conditions - 2021

A downloadable version of the terms and conditions can be found here: Wonderlearn Ts and Cs Sept 2021

Terms and Conditions

1. By entering into a verbal agreement to receive tuition, you are inherently agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions.

2. You are committed to paying for 5 weeks at a time. If you wish to discontinue the next half term, you must give notice by the end of the current period that you have paid for. No refunds will be given for discontinuing midway through a 5-week period.

3. Group lessons – the verbal contract is between yourself and Wonderlearn to receive group tuition charged at £125 per half term for years 3-6 or £150 for year 7– 11 per child. Group lessons will require one half term’s lessons to be paid for in advance. There is no refund for non-attendance of the group sessions. However, all learning materials for the missed sessions will be available. Any work completed independently from the missed session will be marked. Videos of lessons will also be sent. Videos must not be saved or shared with anyone other than your child. They must be deleted after being watched.

4. Special courses and masterclasses – these require separate booking through the website and payment in full to secure the place. See separate cancellation policies at time of booking.

5. All tuition fees are subject to a fair and reasonable increase annually.

6. If a child is deemed unfit to participate in a lesson when a Wonderlearn tutor arrives due to illness or other reason, they will cancel the lesson immediately, and the full cost of the lesson will be charged.

7. Although Wonderlearn tutors will strive to provide the best possible service, they cannot be held accountable or responsible for the academic success or lack thereof demonstrated by your child. Although they will do everything in her power to help grades and skill sets improve, they can offer no guarantee thereto. Full co-operation of any work and homework set is expected of the pupil. Full support from parents is expected, to ensure work set is completed. High expectations of promptness, behaviour and a positive working attitude is also expected from the pupil in the lesson. Wonderlearn can terminate the agreement of providing tuition if these requirements are not met. Online students are expected to be visible (no video muted) and participate fully.

8. Tutors agree to uphold all the Professional Teacher Standards, safeguarding and child protection standards to the best of their ability. By agreeing to let your child be taught under their supervision, you are accepting that they are a responsible and safe adult to work with your child. They cannot be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from using the tutoring service.

9. You must provide any information regarding medical conditions that may be present whilst tuition is occurring and provide the necessary medication beforehand (such as an asthma pump). Tutors are not responsible for any medication taken during the tuition session. This is for face-to-face lessons only

10. Parents of face-to-face pupils must ensure their children are supervised before tuition begins and are collected by a named adult. They are not to be left alone at the centre.

11. Tutors will provide the necessary materials for the tuition sessions. However, from time to time, they will make recommendations of extra materials to buy, which is advisable to adhere to.

12. Wonderlearn reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions at any time that they deem appropriate.

13. COVID: Wonderlearn has had to provide a Covid safe environment. Please ensure your child wears a mask/visor in communal areas. Hand sanitiser will be provided, or you can bring your own. The teaching area will be wiped after each session.

14. E-Safety. When your child is working online, they must observe the following e-safety etiquette’ rules:

a. Log in as their name so it is clear who is joining the waiting room. They will not be allowed in if their name is not recognised.

b. Do not share meeting links and passwords with anyone.

c. The chat function amongst each other will be disabled – they are only to chat to me.

d. Videos must be switched on unless pre-arranged. Please use a neutral or blurred background only.

e. Pupils must not record or take pictures during the lesson. Only the tutor is permitted to record and for specific purposes with permission.

f. Recordings of videos must only be watched by the parent and student. They must not be shared and must be deleted once viewed.

g. No booklets or resources must be shared or copied for other uses.

h. Children can only annotate the shared screen with permission.

i. During breakout rooms, only discussion on the topic given is permitted.

j. Please ensure your child’s parental controls on the device they are using are switched on.

k. Please ensure your child has a quiet place to join the meeting where they cannot be distracted. Ensure they arrive on time and have their equipment and printing ready.

September 2021