Charlotte has been teaching and supporting us with our daughter’s 11+ journey for a year. I have rarely came across such a lovely, enthusiastic and committed tutor. Charlotte has always given generously her time, her expertise, put all her soul and heart to assist our daughter’s learning and personal development. What I strongly believe makes Charlotte an exceptional teacher, is her high emotional intelligence. She knows exactly how to adapt her teaching to each student and approaches each child as an individual with different needs and strengths. Additionally, she is not only teaching for passing exams, Charlotte prepares her students for the skills needed throughout their education and more importantly their lives! We have watched with amazement Aleena thriving since joining Wonderlearn and achieving at a level we never thought she could reach in such a short period of time. We are taking this occasion to express you Charlotte our immense gratitude for all the support you provided all of us!

Elatrach Rabiaa